The Brazen Booties are a one stop shop for your burlesque/variety performer needs!

Our troupe members boast the following skills:

  • Striptease: classic and neo/modern
  • Fan Dancing
  • Singing (Cabaret, Lounge, Musical Theatre/Broadway, Jazz, Pop, Rock)
  • Fire – staff, poi, hoop, fire fingers, fans, belt, sword
  • Belly Dance – tribal fusion, sword dancing
  • Hooping
  • Clowning
  • Aerial Performance: Tissu (silks), Lyra (hoop), Cord Lisse (rope), Trapeze
  • Pole Dance
  • Group numbers

Our performers can be hired individually or as a group. Our minimum booking is one performer for 2 numbers, with each number being approximately 4 minutes in length. We can do performances of any length, with a standard full show, which runs about 1.5 - 2 hours, consisting of 10-12 numbers in 2 acts with a 15 minute intermission. A representative from the Brazen Booties accompanies all performers for both security and quality reasons.

Troupe Members and Skills:
Amaya Absynthe: Burlesque Performer, Pole Dancing, Singing
Ashleeta : Burlesque Performer, Fan Dancer
Eva Ziefield: Drag Queen, Emcee (glamorous/campy)
Lily Allure: Burlesque Performer, Belly Dance
Ra Ra Sis Bomba: Burlesque Performer, Aerialist
Shy La La: Burlesque Performer, Hooping
Tas DeVille: Burlesque Performer, Singing

What to Expect:
For those not initiated into burlesque, a simple description would be a sexy striptease which often blends in humor, glamour, camp, and/or commentary. Our performers do not go nude, and while we strongly encourage tipping, it is a gratuity and not a contact sport.

All of our performers are professionally trained in their respective skills, and all numbers are rigorously monitored for quality. We work hard to put on the best show possible which extends past the performance and into the costuming and production quality.

Additional Notes:
Our performers/troupe members are also insured for aerial and fire skills, and we expect professional respect when it comes to the more dangerous skills. These will require proper support in the performance space which may include a professional rigger for aerial and proper ventilation and fire safety for fire acts.

We Are Available for Your:
Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Bar/Lounge, Birthday Party, Christmas Party, Club/Nightclub, Competition, Convention, Corporate Event, Fair, Festival, Fund Raiser, Grand Opening, Halloween Party, Hotel, Parade, Private Party, Restaurant, Trade Show, Workshop

Contact us here to inquire about rates and packages, or visit our Burlesque Entertainment Promokit page on GigSalad!